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While technically still illegal because of international treaties, personal use of (soft) drugs are regulated by the Ministry of Justice under an official policy of gedogen ; literally this means to accept or tolerate.
While less widely spoken than English, basic German is also spoken by many, especially by those in the regions near the German border and is a mandatory subject in high school for two years.
Short-term apartment rental is available in cities, but may not be legal.
The country is also famous for its wooden shoes (clogs).Fresh flowers can be bought from florists, or pre-packaged in most supermarkets.Also there is no kitchen available for guests, so either you eat what's on menu or you eat out.(see for more information (plan your route).) Except for the rush hours bowlen met korting amsterdam in the morning and at the end of the afternoon, bikes can be taken on a train.Especially in tourist areas and large hotels, increased tipping is not uncommon.Trains can be crowded, especially in the morning rush hour.Drugs edit See also: Cannabis retailmenot champs promo code Cannabis may be legal, but there are some safety risks involved.In several larger cities (most notably The Hague and Utrecht the festivities start in the evening of the 26th of April.In buses and trams you are usually still able to buy single paper tickets when getting in but you'll pay extra.The operator CityJet does an expensive commuter trip to London City Airport from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.
Pay extra attention to Trajectcontrole signs: that means that in the road you're driving there is an automatic system that checks your average speed on a long section.
Use one of the connections mentioned above.
One of these polders is the Beemster Polder, and when you visit you get a few fortifications of the Defence Line of Amsterdam included as a bonus.This is because most bike thieves specialize in a particular kind of lock, or carry equipment best suited to one kind of lock.Also many supermarkets, tobacco shops and Bruna bookstores sell anonymous cards.Chocolate sprinkles ( hagelslag ) on top of buttered slices of bread are a popular Dutch start of the day.Motorists can rely on an extensive system of Autosnelwegen (Highways/motorways) and Autowegen (semi-highways).The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I, but suffered a brutal invasion and occupation by neighbouring Germany in World War.All euro banknotes and coins are legal tender within all the countries.Popular dishes are shawarma ( shoarma lahmacun (often called "Turkish pizza and falafel.Complete streets will be decorated with orange flags, the country's national colour.

These small homes come in broad varieties: they can be simple or luxurious, individual places or part of large parks with lots of identical homes and they are operated by private owners as well as large chains.
The celebrations though start already the weekend before and over 1 million people attend.
In the less urbanised parts, such as the Southwest and the North, motorways/highways are few.