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Okay, finally getting around to those art questions (sorry for the wait!). .
Me and a few friends are taking offers on our FR stuff! .
We have a handful of festival apparel from the other festivals just lemme know if you want me to check misc stuff - 5 pirate apparel sets - 5 wildclaw scrolls - some gems treasure if you want pure - got like 1-3 pages.All kickstarter codes come complete with the vista dierenpark emmen korting optimel and chest (containing all items from that tier).If you've enjoyed some of the art that's been posted for it, perhaps you might be interested in following one of our social communities!Interested in all human, kemonomimi, furry or feral art designs.This is one of the reasons I find the wedge helpful as a guideline.Please comment below or note offers o/.But Im happy to share my thoughts, and link to other resources if I think they may be helpful.
We'll be taking offers indefinitely!
The team has opened up several social communities where we will trickle in previews, host contests, and give away alpha-codes.
In the example below, this dragons eye falls halfway between the front and back of the box in the sideview. .
Drawing a halfway line on the box in perspective helps place the eyes in the view.
This helps with visualizing the head in perspective.I haven't spoken to Undel about trading codes but I've seen people do it so I'm pretty sure it's fine to trade them for art - I can ask her to verify the trade before finalization if you're concerned about legitimacy.Keep in mind, my word is not absolute - being an artist is a constant state of learning, and that applies to me too! .My FR username is linnet if you want to check my account.Open to both open or closed species.Beta gear daily deal voucher - 1 boolean - 1 beta skin (mirror kickstarter gear - 2 cloudy set codes - 5 cloudy wings - 5 skycat - 2 skin: twilight cloudscape - 3 fiendish set codes - 4 cranial hornhelm - 3 bone fiend - 2 skin.Another tutorial I recommend: Muddys Dragon Tutorial.